CCRS Warehousing Inventory Management

WMS Features and Benefits

Powerful Reporting & Status updates

  • Instant global inventory visibility (for you and your customers)
  • On-line access to standard and customizable reports
  • Automatic e-mail alerts to key warehouse events (receipts, shipments, etc.)
  • EDI Integration Ready in 6 Standard File Formats


Stock Status reports

  • On line visibility and pass-word protected, available on-demand 24/7, and accessible from any internet connected computer worldwide.
  • Excel- formatted reports for convenience.
  • Detailed Stock Status tracks Lot Number, Serial Numbers, Expiration Dates, Stock Rotation and locations in the warehouse.
  • Provides detailed in/out activity for all SKU's and a running total for inventory reconciliation.
  • Provides Summary of every receipt and transaction by SKU.


  • Web-based order entry capabilities from anywhere in the world.
  • See the same information as 3PL warehouse personnel, to help prioritize warehouse operations.
  • Always know what is happening in the 3PL warehouse.
  • Electronic notification to your email of receipts and shipments.
  • Directed put-away and Location Control.


  • Barcode Scanning Eliminates Data Entry Errors, Ensures correct SKU, Quantity, Lot #, and / or Serial Number is selected.
  • EDI integration for order requests and shipping details.
  • Web-based order entry option.
  • Document imaging of all related shipping, receiving reports.