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If you are looking for storage, warehouse space, 3rd party logistics, we can help. Below are some great services we provide.

Warehouse Space for Lease

Need warehouse space? We can help! We provide warehouse space for lease to the greater Fox Valley Area.

What do you need to know about warehouse space? A warehouse is mainly used for storage and distribution of products. A distribution center is a type of warehouse that is used to distribute products but is not part of the building or assembly process. So whether you’re looking for storage or distribution, we have you covered.

Finding and leasing a warehouse space for your business is a big step. We understand the concerns with new ownership as well as complicated moves of warehouse space. You’re sure to make the right choice with CCRS Warehousing. We’ll make sure you rent the warehouse space that’s right for your business.

3PL Public Warehousing Services

3PL is an acronym for third party logistics. A 3PL warehouse provides a company's logistics operations. This includes warehousing, scheduling, transportation, inventory management, packaging, cross-docking and freight forwarding CCRS is both a public warehousing company and a 3PL service provider. We provide you with end-to end 3PL public warehousing services.

Maybe you’ve only recently grown large enough to need additional transportation options. No matter what your business need for our 3PL services, we are here to help. We’ll help you how the process works and choosing the right options to fit your business goals.

By scaling and customizing services, we can best meet your specific needs. It’s always up to you just how much you need. We can provide a single supply chain service or put together a bundle of services that extend across multiple facets of your supply chain.

Food Grade Clean Warehouse Space

Our food-grade warehouses are focused on maintaining proper health and sanitation in order to protect the food within. We make sure all of our food grade warehouse spaces are not only clean are free of leaks in the roof, walls, or edges of the foundation as well as free of any standing water, trash, and signs of rodent infestation around the perimeter of the building.

A clean and sanitary storage space is an obvious must have. We go to great lengths to ensure our warehouses are as clean and safe as possible. As a Food grade clean warehouse space provider, we are required to maintain much higher operating standards than those who don’t store foods. You can be sure we are going above and beyond to keep our warehouses in top-notch sanitary condition.

Office or Shipping Space for Lease

Do you need space? Whether you need office or shipping space CCRS can help you find the right fit for your business.

Office Space
A well-designed and highly functional office space will always inspire your employees to perform better. We can help match you with an office space that will not only reflect your brand but aid in productivity.

The real goal of a physical office space is to create a unique and work-focused environment that helps employees get their jobs done efficiently. Pairing your company with office space that has the right tools, resources and functionality is our goal.

Shipping Space
Needs for a shipping space can be critical. Having the right amount of space for storage and logistics is necessary for productive distribution.

If you need a large storage center or industrial space designed to house inventory in bulk along with equipment like forklifts and containers, with shelves stacked high and stocked with large quantities of products, CCRS can provide the exact space that meets your needs.

Moving and Storage Servicing Fox River Valley

As a business, sometimes the task of moving office space is daunting. Here at CCRS we can help you with not only moving but even storing any unused items. Warehouse moves can be even more stressful, but no worries here. CCRS is fully equipped to handle moving and storage services for all size businesses. Whether you need a safe place to store your inventory or your office equipment or help organizing a move between locations, look no further, we have you covered. Here is just a short list of moving and storage services we provide.
  • Storage for International Moving
  • Trade Show Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Office and Industrial Relocation

Warehouse space for lease

200,000 plus feet of open 3PL storage space available for short-term or long-term. Food grade clean, heated and well lit space.

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Professional 3rd Party Logistics services

The most trusted WMS, built for warehouses.

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Office space for lease

24,000 feet of office space; two sides are dividable with own entrance and parking. This can be configured to your needs.

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Fox Cities & Fox River Valley

Warehousing, 3PL, complete storage services including paper storage, moving services, office space rental and shipping space.

Green Bay

Warehouse Space, 3rd party logistics, complete storage services including pallet storage, warehouse moves, offices to rent and ship space.


Warehousing Space, third party logistics, complete storage services including commercial storage, industrial moves, offices for rent and shipping space available.


Warehouse Storage, 3PL logistics, complete storage services including machine storage, office space moves, office space available and shipping space for lease.


Food grade clean warehouse space, 3PL provider, complete storage services including equipment storage, business moves, office space for rent and shipping space for rent.


Public Warehousing services, 3PL central complete storage services including record storage, retail space moves, office space for lease and ship space for lease.

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